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Travel Tips for People Living with Diabetes

by IBD Medical on February 24, 2020

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Living with diabetes doesn't have to limit your experiences and prevent you from travelling. You should always plan and expect the unexpected. Bring more supplies than you anticipate you will need, just to be prepared. Not all insulin products are readily available in foreign countries and can be difficult to access, especially as a traveller. When you are in a new environment and adapting to a different schedule and timezone it can create some difficulties and challenges. Below are some of our tips and tricks for travelling!


  1. Allow more time than you think is necessary at the airport. One-and-a-half time the amount you’d normally need is a good rule of thumb. This way you can get through security smoothly and have extra time to problem-solve any challenges.
  2. Pack twice as many supplies as you think you might need.
  3. Bring extra insulin and, if you are on a pump, a backup method of delivering insulin.
  4. Carry glucagon with you always! Make sure the people you are travelling with know how to administer it.
  5. Bring extra test strips even if you are on a CGM (continuous glucose monitor). Pack ketone strips as well.
  6. Also, bring an extra CGM sensor and transmitter.
  7. Carry a medical ID card or wear medical ID jewellery
  8. Bring a doctor’s note explaining that your diabetes supplies need to stay with you.
  9. Keep your diabetes supplies in your carryon luggage — don’t put them in your checked luggage.
  10. Include some wellness routines in your journey. Try a new fitness studio or explore a new city on foot.
  11. Bring your own food and eat light on travel days, which will help lower your need for insulin. This helps avoid a blood glucose rollercoaster mid-flight.
  12. Take an image of all prescriptions and keep them on your phone (or ask your doctor for extra prescriptions to bring with you).
  13. Find out where there is a nearby pharmacy at your destination. Have prescriptions with national chains that are open later and more often.


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Remember to always seek advice from your medical practitioner before changing anything about your diabetes management. The above information is not medical advice.