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Did not get the correct package. Got black not beige

Cooling Pouch

Great little product, I do be a lot of outback and remote travel and being able to keep pen cool in car is great

Fast Acting Glucochews | Mixed Bundle | 6 tubes of 10 chews

Never received it

Wonderful Case

I love this case! It fits all my daughter’s supplies, plus snacks. It’s lightweight and durable, and is really well-made. I highly recommend this case if you’re in the market for one. It’s perfect.

A great product delivered quickly

It is a very practical product the only thing is the sizing is questionable but otherwise delivered quickly

Bought for gift can’t comment

Perfect fit for Freestyle Libreview

Perfect fit for Abbott Freestyle Libre 14-day CGM.

Got the Green one it’s great!

Stay on for 10 days.

Can be pulled off easily. Not the most secure tapes.

CGM Patches

The patches look great compared to what I used to use but don't stick as well as expected. Corners peeling up after a few days

Vibrant and fun!

I love the look of these patches, the pattern is clear and pops, and Glucology has definitely improved their patches as the backing is easier to get off now! They're still super stretchy and can be unwieldy to get on, but I definitely like these more than the purple ones I got a while back.

Insulin Pump Belt | Black
Sandra Nieuwenhuis (Grand Haven, US)
Pending issue waiting on response

Great product and support!

Insulin Cooling | 2 Pen Wallet | Flowers
Kathryn Wright (Sydney, AU)

I haven’t been anywhere since receiving the pouches so I honestly can’t review the pouches just yet


good service, and a nice product - thanks

CGM Patches for Medtronic Guardian Elite Freestyle Libre | 25 Pack


works well

They were very good they stayed on and I loved the new design

Insulin Cooling | 5 Pen Wallet | Flowers
Kathryn Wright (Sydney, AU)

Loved the cooling pouches they are great product.

Kept peeling off

The patches only lasted a day or two before they were half falling off. I wear mine on my arms, use skin prep to help it stay longer and cleanse the area which didn’t work so I tried them next without the prep and just a alcohol wipe but made no difference to the length of wearability.

Sticking to your he point

Andy I have found the Glucology brand CGM patches stick it to the others! They are comfortable to wear, easy to apply and they tolerate numerous water immersions.

Perfect size!

I love this! It holds my meter, an extra dexcom sensor, Omnipod, insulin, snacks, lancets, syringes, and alcohol wipes. It still fits in my backpack. Just wish it had a handle!