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by IBD Medical on January 21, 2021

We are very excited to officially announce that our new limited edition Glucology® cooling bags are now available!

Glucology limited edition cooling pouches and bags with design prints

Unlike other insulin pen cooler bags that require you to prepare ice packs or batteries, our Glucology® insulin cooler pouch/bags only need to be immersed in cold water to be activated.

By popular demand, we've now customised this product with new designs! We've come up with 3 limited edition patterns for both our duo pen pouch and our XL large pen pouch. The range includes flower designs, stars and boats for everyone to enjoy.

After our Glucology® cooling bags are activated, they will keep your insulin cool (below 28˚C) for up to 36 hours at a time, making it an essential accessory for travel. This portable cooler pouch fits nicely in your backpack as an added bonus!


  • Reusable whenever needed. If you need to extend the insulating effects, just reactivate the bag by immersing it again in cold water to keep your insulin cool for another 36 hours.
  • Additional pocket in the cooling bag is great for holding all your extra accessories such as skin cleaning wipes, lancets, strips and much more!
  • Lightweight and compact design. the travel-friendly size means that it is easy to move around with. The XL large pouch can easily fit 5 standard-sized injection pens at a time, and the duo pouch can fit up to 2!
  • Includes both the outer and inner cover. The inner pouch is made up of polycotton with panels containing crystals. Also included is a convenient carry strap for the XL large pouch.

Dimensions of inner cooler pouch: 

  • Duo pen pouch: 193mm (Long) x 84mm (Wide)
  • XL large pen pouch: 185mm (Long) x 143mm (Wide)


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