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by Elad Guberman on March 24, 2022

Luna was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 5 months on New Year’s Eve in severe DKA. 

There had been none of the traditional warning signs . She went from a happy healthy baby to critically ill over night . Luckily we were sent to a specialist hospital who managed to save her life . 

Now aged 7 months we have settled into daily life with type 1 . It has its ups and downs - stressful and worrying days but also days where we are steady and it’s not the dominating factor of the day . 

We are on a mission to spread awareness of type 1 diabetes in all age groups.

Sharing our journey to help others and bring some positivity to a scary diagnosis . One that can leave you worried about your child’s future . This will not break us , we will remain strong and bring Luna up to never be ashamed of her diabetes and encourage her to achieve whatever she dreams to do.