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5 Winter Tips for Blood Glucose Management

by IBD Medical on January 29, 2021

For many people, when the cold weather keeps you inside, you may exercise less and eat more. Here are a few reminders to keep your blood sugar in check in winter-

winter diabetes tips diabetic feet

1. Warm your body

Exercise lowers your blood sugar, helps your body use insulin better, keeps you warm, and can even improve your mood. Lockdowns last year have taught us that there are lots of ways to get active without ever leaving your home. Try yoga, climbing the stairs a few times, dancing, or even cleaning your room. This will help warm your muscles and lower your blood sugar.

2. Stay healthy

To help stay healthy during the winter, make sure to get your flu shot, get atleast 7 hours of sleep a night, wash your hands frequently and if you do get sick, stay home.

3. Eat well

Remember to count carbs and dose your insulin correctly for what you eat. Stews and soups with lots of delicious veggies can help keep you warm and are often healthy choices.

4. Get rid of winter blues

It can become more difficult to stay in touch with loved ones. Having a friend over and simply talking can lift your mood and make you feel less isolated.

5. Keep your hands warm

Sometimes, it's difficult to get an accurate blood sugar reading in the cold. Before taking a reading, wash your hands with warm water. Consider wearing gloves if your hands feel cold frequently.


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