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Cupron®, the proprietary technology that powers Glucology® Copper Socks, has credible scientific research supporting it. Moreover, this research suggests that the use of socks containing copper based yarn is truly like no other product, making Glucology® Socks one of the leading products on the Australian market in innovation and effectiveness. 

Click the links below to read some of the clinical trials that have garnered Curpron® copper thread some credibility through extensive scientific research and clinical trials:


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3. Treatment of Tinea Pedis with Socks Containing Copper-Oxide Impregnated Fibers

4. Safety of Using Copper Oxide in Medical Devices and Consumer Products


Glucology Cupron Copper yarn socks

Our Glucology socks are infused with copper yarn to protect your feet using broad-spectrum anti-microbial efficacy and skin enhancement properties. Cupron is a patented copper-based antimicrobial technology that harnesses the unique properties of copper for healthcare applications. The metals in copper release ions that covalently bond to proteins and disrupt the ability of cells to function or replicate. 

How does copper kill germs

Copper releases an electron, creating a reactive oxygen species that can be highly destructive to viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Copper ions are able to burst the cell membrane, create reactive oxygen species that corrode the cell membrane, and break down RNA (key with viruses). Once inside a cell, Copper Ions bind to the DMA and prevent it from replicating and disrupting a cell’s energy production and respiration. 

Copper compounds can be found in wound dressings due to their excellent antimicrobial properties. Our socks contain a woven copper textile compound to react to temperature, humidity, and surface area exposed. The embedded copper will not wash or rub off even when subjected to the industrial laundering process. 


Copper as the best antimicrobial

Copper is more effective under a broader set of conditions and is even enhanced by conditions that reduce the efficacy of silver. Copper has multiple EPA Public Health Claims with an efficacy that is broad-spectrum including, Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi & Fungal Spores. The mode of action is Metal ion and reactive oxygen species. It is an essential micronutrient, improves skin elasticity, and enhances wound healing. 

A sweaty environment enhances the efficacy of Cupron, therefore it is perfect for socks when exercising or wearing shoes. Due to their high durability, our Glucology socks will last you years without stretching or losing their efficacy. They are comfortable and non-binding with loose-fitting tops to ensure they won’t cut into your skin. Although they have extra padding, they are still slim-fitting and won’t increase the size of your feet for shoes. 

The positive effect of the socks on the skin is not only due to the biocidal properties of the socks, but as determined in another study, the copper oxide-containing socks improved the elasticity of the skin significantly. 

The copper interwoven in the socks continuously releases copper ions that are absorbed through the skin. This results in the upregulation of the production of extracellular skin proteins and the stabilization of the ECM, which improves the skin’s wellbeing. Furthermore, the released copper ions reduce the risl of fugal and bacterial infection in minor wounds and cuts. In larger wounds, the copper ions stimulate angiogenesis and enhance wound healing. Therefore the socks can be used as a preventative measure for skin and fungal infections on the feet.


Cupron technology is:
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Effective throughout the life of the product
  • Documented in over 20 scientific publications
  • Protected by various Australian patents*