Business Collaborations
Glucology.Store is a privately owned and operated company based in Sydney, Australia with a focus on developing high quality, innovative and efficacious diabetes support products which we distributed globally.

We are excited to collaborate with manufacturers, wholesalers, online and physical retailers, pharmacies, educators and consultants, and more. If you're looking to find out about distribution of our products, support with importation or exportation, wholesale prices, retail sales, or something else then you should definitely reach out to the team today. Otherwise, read on to find out about our flagship brand Glucology™. 

Managing diabetes can require many daily self-care habits, from eating well and exercising, to monitoring and managing insulin levels. Having the rights tools and can make this much easier. That's why we created Glucology™.

Launched by IBD Medical in 2017, Glucology™ is a premier brand of diabetes support products designed to make condition management better, faster, and easier. Each item in the Glucology™ range was designed to be better, easier, or more cost effective for people living with diabetes than what we could find. 

Moving from strength to strength we began supplying the Glucology™ range of products globally. Today, Glucology™ products can be found not just in Australia, but in Asia, North and Central America, and soon to be in the UK and Europe. 

Click here to download the Glucology™ range brochure.