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I panic during a low: Diabetes Confession Cam with Amy, T2D

by IBD Medical on October 20, 2023

Our confession cam series aims to encourage a free-flow conversation on important topics that often may not get talked about on a public forum. We hope that it not only provides a welcoming space for anyone in the community to share what's on their mind, but to also unite us together in realising that we're not as alone in the journey as we may feel. 

Today we're travelling all the way to Canada to meet Amy, who's been diagnosed with T2D since 2015 and has been on insulin for 2 years now. Her confession is all about sharing how overwhelmed she often gets when experiencing a low or thinking she is going to have a low. On behalf of Amy and the team at Glucology by IBD Medical, we hope this share sends a reminder that a low experience is ok and that it does not reflect your self-worth or self-value.  


Some points that Amy covers in her confession:

  • When Amy is panicking, everything she knows about treating a low goes out of her brain
  • Sometimes she forgets to check her meter or take her glucose tab because when she sees that low number, Amy panics!!
  • Her husband calms her down by reminding her to check her meter 
  • A message to the new diabetics and old veterans: Please remember to NOT panic! You may be having a low but remember, we're working on it!

By taking these initial steps and consulting with your healthcare provider, you can establish a solid foundation for managing your diabetes during your travels. It's essential to proactively address any concerns or adjustments to your diabetes management plan to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.


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