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by IBD Medical on April 13, 2022
My Diabetes Diary is designed to provide a welcoming and non-judgemental platform for anyone in the diabetes community to be able to share a part of their story, to raise topics of importance to them, and to construct their own narrative of an area that's often misunderstood and misrepresented. 
Today we have Kajal, a T1D advocate and T1D mother to Mahi. Her story is all about defying the odds and fighting for what you believe in, rather than succumbing and settling for less. 
Kajal's Diabetes Diary - our rendezvous with T1D
Coming from  a stereotypical traditional background, I was somewhat a revolutionary in my age. My education, life partner, profession… these were all decisions I took on my own. At times I had support of my family and most times, I didn’t. None of the routes I chose were ever easy, but life is not about ease and convenience – it’s about working towards your ambitions and putting your best to achieve your goals.
Mahi was my second born child, a playful, bouncy child who brought back the fragrance of baby talcum powder and softness of those subtle toes to our life
Life was “normal”, yes, whatever that means… caught up with that mundanity of academics for children, silly arguments with spouse, promotion at work …
Until sky fell loose on us, Mahi was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. To say the least it was “life shattering”, we went through the GAD cycle of overwhelming emotions of Grief/Guilt, Anger/Anxiety, Denial/Depression.
Very soon we realized this was a lifelong chronic condition, Acceptance is the key. We had to stand taller in the face of Diabetes.
We gathered all that we had, our courage and will, our commitment and passion and bounced back to life. Mahi went back to school… now with a new accessory, a waist pouch to carry her diabetes supplies.
I realized the sheer lack of awareness about Type 1 Diabetes and the millions of people struggling alone, in despair with the social trauma associated with diabetes and the overwhelming day to day management. I not only took on the role of primary caregiver for Mahi, I went on to get my Certification in Diabetes management and joined several Support groups to work with newly diagnosed families and people with t1D who need desperate help and support.
As a T1D advocate, I am working relentlessly to create awareness about T1D and helping people living with T1D with their day to day blood sugar management. I have touched more than 1500 lives and wish to continue working in this filed until the cure comes
Wearing multiple caps, as a full time working professional, mother of an 18yera old girl child living with Hypothyroid, mother and caregiver for a preteen and passionate T1D advocate life is not easy. But Remember always what you set out to get and never settle for less!