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Cristiana's story: Embracing T1D and feeling confident

by IBD Medical on June 03, 2024

At IBD Medical and Glucology, we have a focus on being a brand that values empowering the diabetes community. We believe it's important to provide a platform for people to connect and feel heard, as knowing there are people who are going through the same challenges can help the journey feel less lonely and daunting.


Meet Cristiana!

She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 11. Having such a life-changing diagnosis was difficult to deal with as a teenager, as it made her feel different and led her to try to hide her diagnosis from everyone around her. However, once Cristiana came across the online diabetic community, she saw people who were going through similar experiences whilst living with T1D and got inspired by their bravery. The ability to share and relate to others’ experiences of living with Type 1 diabetes encouraged Cristiana to embrace her diagnosis and not be afraid to show the world who she was.

The first step Cristiana took in embracing her diabetes was having the freestyle libre on her arm. Although it was scary as it was noticeable to others, it eventually empowered her into not caring what others thought. Having support from friends and family helped Cristiana feel safe, as they knew the signs of low or high blood sugar levels and helped treat them accordingly. Having support from not only close family and friends but the whole diabetes community helped Cristiana embrace her T1D and feel confident in herself.

As hearing the inspiring stories of people living with the same diagnosis was an important part of her journey to confidence, Cristiana has been inspired to do the same for others whenever she gets the chance to. 

Listen to her story as she talks about finding confidence in her journey!


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Cristiana's story: Embracing T1D and feeling confident | Glucology Diabetes Community