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by IBD Medical on June 02, 2022

We are very excited to officially announce our new product! GlucoChews is now available in the US + UK ! 

Gluco Chews product

Each chew contains 0.13oz (3.8 grams) of glucose to help give your body that much-needed extra boost. Glucochews have a carbohydrate formula, containing dextrose and sucrose to help raise low blood glucose levels with a fast-acting formula. These Glucochews will help you get up and moving or help you get that extra boost during a workout.

Some of the key benefits include their fast-acting impact, ease of chewing and dissolving, and low-calorie content (less than 15cal per chew). Our Glucose Chews are also caffeine, gluten, and fat-free and have no artificial colouring.

Unlike other chews that come in boxes, Glucology chews are available in a handy and refillable tube, with ten chews per package. The robust tube will keep them from breaking and protect them from moisture. It is the perfect size to carry in your pocket, bag, or whenever you’re on the move. 

Our Glucochews are available in two delicious and natural flavours: Raspberry and Orange, so you can mix it up throughout the day!

Glucology Brand Story

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