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How to support yourself emotionally: Mariana | T1D

by IBD Medical on May 06, 2024

A really important part of life and diabetes management is mental health. We've invited Mariana to share her story for our Diabetes Week theme: addressing emotional wellbeing.  She is a fellow T1D and an educator by profession who has kindly opened up about her mental health journey. Through her own experience and learning to prioritise to care for herself, Mariana shares some life tips that can hopefully inspire others with ways to start the journey to a better mental wellbeing state. 

General Mindset from Mariana:

  1. Reaching out for help and being mindful with helping yourself mentally first
  2. Admitting that a really important part of diabetes management is mental health
  3. It's ok to feel like you're not able to deal well with your mental wellbeing by yourself
  4. Focus on one thing at a time so you can be in a clearer state to get the things you need to sort sorted


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How to support yourself emotionally: Mariana | T1D