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Diabetes Health Check Confession: Celebrate Women's Health Week

by IBD Medical on September 09, 2022

This week, Australia is celebrating women's health to encourage making good health a priority! Good health is not just about improving health. We want to put the spotlight on making healthier choices for your overall wellbeing too!

We understand that living with and managing diabetes is no easy feat, which is why we want to share a reminder for women (and also for men and any other genders you identify with) to set aside time in your busy life schedule for your health and wellbeing.

Day 1 is dedicated to opening up discussions and encouraging everyone to get regular health checks (and to check in with what works for you in terms of keeping on track with how you are going)!  

Have a listen to Andi Balog, who's living with type 1 from Australia. In the form of a confession cam, she is sharing her truth about the health check decision she's personally made to empower herself in the best way possible. Have a listen!


*Please note: this is not intended to be medical advice nor is it to encourage or influence any health decisions. Please consult with your own health professional before making any management changes that is best for your wellbeing!


Women's health is all encompassing and goes beyond just your diabetes diagnosis. To help share resources and educational tools, check out this women's health poster guide for what health check you need and the general thumb rule for when you should be going in for these health checks!