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#BurnoutTruth: Andi's Story

by IBD Medical on June 03, 2024

Burnout Truth Diabetes Story

Welcome to Andi's #BurnoutTruth Story

Andi's instagram: @thet1dnutritionist 

My #Burnouttruth is that I say NO a lot. 

It took me a long time to learn the skill of saying NO, and It's still something i'm working on at the age of 28 - mainly the aspect of not feeling guilty when I say it - and not following up with a reason or justification every time. 

Personality wise, I get overwhelmed easily and quickly when I am around too many people, or going to too many events, and taking on too many tasks in general. 

I used to feel embarrassed about this, and wanted to fit in - so I would continue to say YES to everything - so no-one would know I was different, or be offended by my declination to attend parties, functions, meetings etc. 

I did this for years.. feeling continuously overwhelmed and like I wasn't doing anything for ME.

Until it all hit me in ways I didn't ever see coming.

My physical health deteriorated severely, from the stress of trying to be 'ON' all the time, my body was depleted and I developed a bunch of health issues including underactive thyroid that I'm still working to heal naturally today.

Since then, I've been learning to listen to my body and my needs more than ever - and teaching others to do the same. 

So if your body is telling you that you need to switch off, and take some things off your plate - don't be afraid to say NO and refill your cup!

Because if you don't say NO when you have a choice, you'll be forced to when you least expect it!

Listen to your body, it will always tell you what it needs.

Behind the Burnout Truth Campaign

With National Diabetes Awareness Month happening, we believe it's important to continue our committment with sharing the support as at the end of the day,  we understand and acknowledge that diabetes management is a 24/7 experience.

With that in mind, we've created a #BurnoutTruth initiative to use this chance to shine a public light on an area that's often experienced in the dark by yourself.

Burnout truth is all about showing the realness of having chronic illness burnout and normalising this experience so that others out there know that it is real. By sharing different communtiy stories, we hope that we're able to communicate that the main message is to know that these things happen because you’re a human, whether it’s with diabetes or outside of having diabetes. 😊⁠

#BurnoutTruth: Andi's Story | Glucology Diabetes Community

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