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This is my proudest diabetes achievement since my diagnosis

by IBD Medical on November 10, 2023

Diabetes Achievement

While it's important to look ahead of what's to come in your journey, looking back to reflect on how far we've come can help shift our perspective and remind us to recognise our achievements. 

We've gotten a range of different answers from our community in the past in regards to what achievements they are proud of making since the beginning of their diabetes journey; from mastering self-love, to mastering being organised, mastering mindful healthy eating and even mastering bolusing! 

See what our community members have to say on this question:


“What’s something you’re proud that you’ve mastered since the beginning of your diabetes journey?”


  • Ilana C: That I can push myself with exercise and get fit whilst managing blood sugars. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, a hypo interrupts me, but it doesn’t stop me trying again the next day
  • Elizabeth M: Learning and applying the mindset that blood sugars are information and not judgements
  • Carroll T: Counting carbs … and adjusting for miscounting carbs.
  • Hayley H: Acceptance that you cannot control everything. You can only do your best x
  • Gerard M: Getting into a routine for my finger prick tests.
  • MTR: Trusting my teenage daughter will look after herself when I'm not there

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