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My transition to using a CGM: John's Story

by IBD Medical on June 28, 2022

Transition to using CGMs, a diabetes story


For years I wore a Medtronic/Minimed 508 insulin pump. My endocrinologist strongly suggested I upgrade my out-dated pump and also start using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). The Dexcom G6 works directly with the Tandem T-slim pump without requiring a separate controller device so that's what I upgraded to. 

Once setup is complete, I get a blood glucose reading and a graph showing trends every couple of minutes. That initial setup sets a maximum high BG and a low minimum BG before alarms go off. One morning around 3 AM I was awakened by a vibrating audible alarm showing a drastically low BG (36). Although sluggish, I was able to rectify the low BG with the intake of glucose. Reporting the incident to my endo, we agreed that my CGM/pump saved my life. 

Throughout the sixty-eight years I have been combating Type-1 diabetes  I've seen four different styles of insulin (U40, U80, U100, Humulin), glass syringes with  26 gauge insulin needles I used to sharpen myself to micro-fine needles on plastic syringes, urine testing to finger-pricking glucometers to CGM, and 4 insulin injections per day to an insulin pump. I'm still waiting  to hear the announcement of a diabetes cure.



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