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Diabetes Meet N' Greet with Renee

by IBD Medical on February 28, 2022

I was diagnosed at age 6, in September 1962, and I spent, I believe a couple of weeks in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York. This is where my diabetes story started.

When I came home, my older brother insistently asked me, “what do you have?” I said that I wasn’t sure, but I believe that they had said “diabetes.” Older and smarter (in my perception), he said that I’d be dead if I had diabetes. I believed him, thought I had a mortal disease that nobody had told me about. I lived in terror. 

My mother told me that there would be no birthday  that year, and every morning she gave me a shot. Over all this time, I’ve learned that shots aren’t bad, but to a young child, they were terrible. My mother would take me to the paediatrician, regularly, I never weighed enough for their standards. I was kept on a starvation diet, in an effort to control blood sugar.

I have had a number of injuries due to low blood sugar: had a tib-fib break and surgery in 1995, the other one in 2003, broke my nose in 2020.

Fast forward to recently, when the Tandem T-slim pump came out in coordination with the Dexcom CGM, I signed up (almost a year ago). It is not as easy as I had expected, but it is an amazing safety structure that I really  appreciate on an ongoing basis with my diabetes management.