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Diabetes Meet 'N Greet with Nicole

by IBD Medical on November 29, 2022


Hi! I'm Nicole, I’m a 23 year old diabetic living in Ohio. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on July 15th 2019. My diagnosis was difficult; Unlike a lot of diabetics, I had no clue anything was wrong. Despite all of the challenges I face as a diabetic, I continue to live my best life. I’m a licensed Esthetician (Skin Care Specialist) and I love every second of what I do. After my diagnosis, I was worried it would affect my work; I was worried something bad would happen while I was with clients. I had never met someone my age with diabetes and I wasn't sure how to navigate this new world. 

Fast forward 3 years and I opened my own spa! I’m a 1 woman business (Owner and Skin Specialist), but if you would’ve asked me 3 years ago how I saw my life, that would not have been my answer. I started my instagram account, @fake_pancreas about 2 years ago, it took me by surprise by how quickly the account grew, I didn’t realize how much people would want to hear my story, to follow my journey and I’m happy to be sharing the little things in my life that get me though my day. 



I wanted to share my journey of living with type 1 diabetes as a plus size woman. A big part of my diagnosis was shame. I felt extremely shameful about having diabetes. Before my test results came back there were whispers of type 2 diabetes. My heart stopped when I heard that. I didn't know much about diabetes at all, but I was under the impression that type 2 was “bad”. I had this idea ingrained in my head of what diabetes was that even after my official type 1 diagnosis, I was ashamed. Instagram gave me an outlet to share my experience. I never imagined anyone would actually care about what I had to say, but I am extremely lucky to have the platform to share and to help others experiencing similar things