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by Elad Guberman on March 24, 2022


A little about me. I'm currently 22 years old and live on the East coast of Florida. I moved here after living in Missouri for the majority of my life to take a job as a flight instructor!


After working here for a few years I made it to the requirements to fly for the airlines. For obvious reasons, pilots are required to stay in good health and get routine physicals. Before my interview (7 months ago) I went for a physical to renew my flight medical which is when I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. I am lucky to have found out through a physical and not an accident but it doesn't change how devastated I was. Not only am I now diagnosed with a disease I had no hand in causing and no current chance of curing, but my entire career as an airline pilot is now at risk.


 All of that said, I have adjusted to this new way of living relatively well and working for the airlines is not out of reach for me with the control I have been able to achieve. :)


"I actually bought the Glucology case as a way for me to keep all of my pump and CGM supplies safe and organized while I have it in a suitcase for work!"
I am hoping that through Glucology, I can help other people see products that can bring some simplicity into living with diabetes.