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Tips for exercising in the heat with diabetes

by IBD Medical on June 18, 2022

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As the temperature starts to rise and the days are longer, it encourages us to stay up later and be more physically active. Caring for our bodies with regular exercise and healthy eating supports us in maintaining our weight, mental alertness and reduces risk factors of diabetes. When living with diabetes it is important to be careful when exercising in the heat to make sure that symptoms of low blood sugar levels are not confused with just having too much sun. 

Here are some tips for exercising safely in the heat this summer!

1. Stay sun safe

When exercising outside, make sure you wear sunscreen and a hat and stay out of the sun on extra hot days. Sunburn can put extra stress on the body, which may raise your blood glucose levels.

2. Wear proper shoes

Exercising without shoes, for example walking or running along the beach, is not recommended particularly in the summer as you may not be able to feel if the ground is too hot. Therefore, wear protective footwear when exercising to ensure that your feet are protected, even when you're at the beach. 

3. Protect your pump and sensors

Keep your equipment safe while exercising. Try our Glucology insulin pump belt which has a slim and compact design with a wide opening that allows you to easily operate and access your pump without having to take the belt off.

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Our CGM patches are designed to support your active lifestyle providing both durability and flexibility in all weather conditions making them perfect for working out this summer. 

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4. Keep hydrated

Exercise leads to increased sweating and therefore loss of water. Uncontrolled blood glucose can further lead to a loss of water through excess urination creating an increased risk of dehydration. Make sure you keep up your fluids on particularly hot days, as well as before and after exercising. 

5. Be smart about the times you exercise

Think about the temperature before you head outside for a run or high-intensity workout. Exercise in the cooler parts of the day (usually the morning or evening) or exercise inside to minimize the stress on your body. 

There are always ways to fit exercise into your routine when it is hot outside - whether it is walking with friends, going for a swim or completing a circuit a home. It is important to plan ahead when exercising to ensure you are eating properly and keeping up your fluids. Following these tips will help you stay motivated and fit during the warmer summer months and help you reap all the benefits of exercise.


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Remember to always seek advice from your medical practitioner before changing anything about your diabetes management. The above information is not medical advice.