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10 tips to help you have a diabetic friendly easter

by IBD Medical on March 29, 2021

With Easter coming up we know it can be a difficult time for people managing diabetes, however don’t let living with diabetes stop you from enjoying your Easter. Having a balanced diet means that you can still enjoy chocolate every once in a while, just make sure you manage your portions and check your insulin levels. We’ve put together a few tips to help you have a diabetic friendly Easter this year: 


  1. Choose dark chocolate over milk or white.
    As dark chocolate contains more cocoa solids and usually has less added sugar it is typically the healthier option. 

  2. Portion size is key!
    It is better to have a small quantity of the good quality chocolate and sweets.

  3. If doing an easter egg hunt, try to keep the packaging (or ask your family to) to help you with carb counting!

  4. Instead of eating, swap snack time for a DIY easter themed craft activity.
    This will help with distracting to prevent overeating, and can help keep the kids with diabetes busy and avoid feeling left out. 

  5. Enjoy hot cross buns.
    They are a good source of fibre and have lower fat contents than many other easter treats - as long as you stick to the dried fruit versions and avoid the butter!

  6. Sugar-free chocolate and carb are still high in saturated fat and kilojoules, so they are not a good alternative. 
  7. Stock up on some sugar free marshmallows as a treat to yourself!

  8. Use the holiday as an opportunity to fit in more movement.
    Take some time to spend outdoors, going for a walk with the family - to put it into perspective a 30-40minute brisk walk roughly burns 600kj (143cal) which is the equivalent to amount of energy in three small solid easter eggs!

  9. Make sure you have a support network, whether it is family, friends or a stranger on our support group.
    Having someone to help hold you accountable will encourage healthier habits and stop you from over-indulging. Our IBD Medical Facebook Group is a place to chat, support or ask questions with others who are also living with diabetes - we loved hearing people’s stories last Easter!

  10. Cut yourself some slack this break!
    Easter is a time to spend with family and friends, and eating some treats is usually part of the celebration. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t eat exactly how you should. Diabetes management is tricky and it is important to be consistent and kind to yourself.

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