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Recipe Round-up: What would a doctor eat, if they had diabetes?

by IBD Medical on January 16, 2024


Selecting suitable snacks for individuals managing diabetes poses a multifaceted challenge. The primary concern revolves around maintaining stable blood sugar levels while satisfying cravings. Many ostensibly healthy snacks may harbor hidden sugars or refined carbohydrates, complicating glycemic control. Portion control becomes crucial, as even nutritious snacks can contribute to overconsumption. Additionally, the convenience factor often leads to the temptation of processed snacks that are high in additives. Striking a balance between taste, convenience, and nutritional value is vital. Education about ingredient reading and fostering awareness about suitable alternatives are crucial aspects in navigating the complex landscape of healthy snacking for those with diabetes.
Curious about what late night snack might be suitable for somebody living with diabetes? Check out this informational video which outlines example macros which could help not elevate blood sugar levels. What midnight snack ideas are your go to? 
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Recipe Round-up: What would a doctor eat, if they had diabetes?