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3 great items to take the hassle out of travelling with Diabetes!

by IBD Medical on January 09, 2023

Good diabetes management

Between packing and planning for either a day out or for a longer trip, you definitely don't need any more stress (like how to keep your insulin cool, making sure everything you need is in one place, or having something to store your used needle tips and strips in safely). 

We at IBD medical are dedicated to supplying easy to use diabetic support items that keep you moving. Here are three of our favourites:

Glucology Personal Sharps Bins

Good diabetes management can be messy. It’s really no surprise when you tell people that multiple times a day you may need to prick your finger, put blood on a test strip, wait to get a reading, replace lancets, needle tips and throw away used strips.

If you’re at home, it’s no problem to get rid of everything you use- you can get nice bin safety bins to protect you, your family, and anyone handling your rubbish. But what can you do if you are travelling, at work, or generally on the move? Most needle bins aren’t exactly portable. They’re also not suitable- and some of us don’t want our diabetes care to be a constant discussion point. That’s where MySharps personal Sharps Bins can come in handy.  

Designed to hold up to 25x needle points from your needle-pen AND used test strips, these handy personal sharps bins fit perfectly in your pocket, clutch, or bag. They are easy to use, safe and secure.

Simply insert your insulin pen into the device, pressing down until you hear a click, and rotate the pen until the needle tip falls off into the container. With at least 2-million accidental needle-stick injuries a year, we think that a MySharps personal sharps bin is a must for diabetics who are exposed to more needles than most.

Once the device is full, simply slide the cover to ‘lock’ to seal it completely and dispose of safely when convenient. 

While we know that many diabetics do not change the needle tips every time they inject their insulin, it is an important health concern. We hope that having a safe and easy means to dispose of those needle tips will make it easier for people to protect themselves.

Speaking of injecting insulin… 

Glucology Insulin Cooling Bags

Insulin cooling bag

Did you know how much temperature can affect your insulin? A recent study found that insulin suffers significantly during travel. This is likely due to temperature fluctuation above or below the manufacturer's recommendations.
The study found that significantly less insulin per vial was reaching users than intended! This could obviously have serious effects for diabetics with insulin dependency, who need to be able to accurately and specifically medicate.
You can find out more about this study by clicking here.

So what can you do to put your mind at ease? Well, there's a variety of options to keep insulin cool. The most basic solutions are small eskys that need to be regularly topped up with ice or ice packs.

A more advanced option is an evaporative cooler units like Glucology® Cooler Bags. Glucology Cooler Bags are evaporative cooling units designed to keep in-use insulin cool within safe temperatures of 18-28°C for up to 36 hours. They work in hot Aussie summer even in a constant temperature of 37.8°C. They are airplane safe- and are perfect for small or long trips.

To activate your Cooler Bag simply soak the inner pouch in water and the crystals in the inner pouch will become a gel. The water held by the gel will slowly evaporate over 40 hours, cooling the contents of the pouch. The pouch can be 're-activated' or 'topped-up' to provide continuous safe storage conditions for subsequent periods of 40 hours minimum. 

And if you want something to keep all your support aids together you should check out the purpose-design Glucology Diabetic Travel Cases.

Glucology Diabetic Travel case- Classic or Plus

Diabetes Travel Case
Like many health conditions, good diabetes management requires a significant amount of equipment and diligence to monitor. Between lancets, a blood glucose meter, backup meter, lancing device, cleaning swabs, lancets, insulin pens, insulin, and more, it can be a lot to carry around.

Rather than having all your important diabetes aids floating loose in a bag, why not keep everything together in one place and protect them from incidental knocks and damage. Complete with hard-shell cover and durable zips, the Glucology Diabetic Travel Cases were designed in Sydney after speaking to users and understanding their specific needs.

While slim and streamlined, these cases are capable of carrying an extensive number of items. Below is one of our favourite quotes from someone who received one of our cases, showing how much he appreciated his Glucology Diabetic Travel Case.


"The case has plenty of room for my glucometer, a backup glucometer, a lancet device, lancets, test strips and some hypo food, and the red colour stands out enough to make it easy to find. It seems nice and solid, without being excessively heavy, and large enough to contain all the above without being too large.

Overall I would not hesitate to purchase again, and would recommend to my friends with type 1 diabetes."

- Troy W