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10 Things to Do When You’re Stuck in Quarantine

by IBD Medical on March 20, 2020

Stuck in Quarantine? Take the time to catch up on things you don’t normally get to do, whether that be binge-watching a TV show, reading a book or cooking something new.

Annoying as it might be, being stuck at home does have its upsides – you now have the opportunity to indulge in all those things you never have time for. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best things to do while you’re stranded at home. Stay safe and make the most of quarantine!

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1. Binge on a TV show

Quarantine presents the perfect opportunity to sit down and binge-watch a series. There are countless TV shows available on a number of streaming services or on your TV. Worried about the cost of a streaming service? As you won’t be going out, one month is probably affordable, hopefully, you won’t need more than a few weeks.


2. Read a good book

    Reading a novel will take you off to another world and help you escape all of this madness for a couple of hours at a time. If you don’t have any books handy, you can download books directly to your device.


    3. Cook a new recipe

      A lot of restaurants and cafes in your area have probably closed down or have shut for the time being. Make the most of all the food you panic bought and cook something delicious. There are countless recipes available on the internet.


      4. Watch a movie

        When you’re stuck at home you could watch a movie to take you out of reality. Why not try a new movie or re-watch one of your favourites?


        5. Listen to music

          If you’re sick of sitting around watching movies or TV shows or reading, try listening to some music whilst you meander around the house. You could even dance along to some feel-good tunes.


          6. Play a board game

            Board games work a treat during the time of coronavirus. Go rummaging for all the board and card games hidden around your house. Some favourites are Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Uno and Guess Who.


            7. Indulge in some spa time

              There’s nothing some me time can’t fix. Indulge in a bubble bath, face mask or some essential oils and candles. You’ll be sure to emerge the bathroom feeling much better and relaxed.


              8. Learn the thing you’ve been meaning to learn

                Now is the perfect time to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn. Whether that be the guitar, a foreign language or another skill. Now’s your chance to make some progress.


                9. Do some spring cleaning

                  Being stuck at home affords the perfect time to clean the house and get organised. Decluttering and organising your home make you more productive and can increase energy levels! It also helps to remove dust and other common allergens. After cleaning you will most likely feel satisfied and happier.


                  10. Work out

                    Exercise is essential to keeping a healthy immune system. It will help you from going stir crazy and will release endorphins.


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