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by IBD Medical on April 25, 2024

 Diabetes Community Stories

Danielle is someone who wants to push past obstacles and come out on the other side thriving. She redefines her own self and wants to simply share that everyone should be confident with their own abilities in life. 


1. What does it mean to you to be a woman?

Being a woman to me means being a voice to stand up for my values, accept and be kind to my body as it is, and be confident in my abilities.


Diabetes Community Stories



2. What contributions have you made or what roles do you play in your life that is meaningful to you?

I am a loving wife, empathetic friend, and supportive dietitian to my clients. 


3. What empowered you to stand taller in the face of diabetes?

I have felt empowered to push past the fear to let diabetes hold me back from pursuing things that I want to do in life.


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