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by IBD Medical on April 03, 2024


General Overview of Thapi's Video (part 2)

5. If you could change how diabetes was supported globally, what would you hope to see?
  • Less stigma around diabetes
  • Access to diabetes technologies being accessible to everyone.
"...It's always great to meet another person wearing CGM or a pump because it's like: wow you also have diabetes! It's a great conversation starter too. Even people who don't have diabetes can start to learn more about it and have conversations around it by asking questions freely. I think it's a great educational tool on the long-term basis..."  
6. What is something you think is done quite well in terms of supporting diabetes and people managing diabetes?
  • The formulation of diabetes support groups and communities.
"...I think it does depend on which group you do choose to be a part of. You have to make sure that you're a part of a community where you feel like those people are your people. With the online space now, it makes it super enjoyable and easy to connect with people in your country but also globally! It's great and I am here for it..."  
7. If I could redefine diabetes to my younger self how would I do so?
  • I would say diabetes is a road.
"...A road cannot always be straight. With roads, there are unexpected turns and bumps. You have to get comfortable with these unexpected things that happen on the road as the journey does change as you keep going. Diabetes is something that is constantly changing and you learn from every single day..."
  • Be kinder to myself.
"...That's the other thing i would tell my younger self. Diabetes can drain you but be kinder to yourself because you deserve to love yourself even with the diagnosis..."  
8. Do you have any advice or tips for people wanting to educate or navigate around improving the access to diabetes resources?
  • Much easier done in a group than alone.
In a group, you have more ideas to bring to the table. You can make someone change a policy just because of that!
  • Research
Diabetes is ever-changing so doing research I believe is definitely the foundation!  
Recap Living with diabetes looks very different for everyone, despite the shared struggles of having a diagnosis that requires your attention continuously throughout the day, everyday! Sometimes, we may all live in our own bubbles and may not realise or take into consideration other perspectives that would very much help us with our own journeys too!  As part of our new community collaborative project, we thought it could be refreshing to start discussions around global issues and how it may affect diabetes management and access. We've brought on one of our brand ambassadors, Thapi, who is passionate about raising awareness and how culture has its own challenges with the implications of diabetes/unheard voices behind the diagnosis. We asked her 8 questions to facilitate in her sharing her unique perspective and how her diabetes story has evolved over time!      
If you think you may have a medical emergency, call 911 (in the US) or 000 (in Australia) immediately, call your doctor, or go to the emergency room/urgent care.
*Disclaimer: Remember to always seek advice from your medical practitioner before changing anything about your diabetes management. The above information is not medical advice.