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G6 CGM Patch Blue
G6 CGM Patch Black
G6 CGM Patch Beige
G6 CGM Patch Green
G6 CGM Patch Purple
Outdoor CGM Patch
Waterproof CGM Cover
CGM Cover
G4G5 CGM Patch Beige
G4G5 CGM Patch Black
G4G5 CGM Patch Blue
G4G5 CGM Patch Green
G4G5 CGM Patch Purple
G4G5 CGM Cover Patch
Freestyle Libre CGM Patch Black
Freestyle Libre CGM Patch Beige
Freestyle Libre CGM Patch Blue
Freestyle Libre CGM Patch Green
Freestyle Libre CGM Patch Purple
Freestyle Libre CGM Waterproof Patch
Freestyle Libre CGM Protective Patch
Freestyle Libre CGM Cover
Medtronic Guardian CGM Patch Beige
Medtronic Guardian CGM Patch Black
Medtronic Guardian CGM Patch Blue
Medtronic Guardian CGM Patch Green
Medtronic Guardian CGM Patch Purple
Medtronic Guardian CGM Patch Sports
Medtronic Guardian CGM Patch Waterproof
Medtronic Guardian CGM Protection
Omnipod CGM Patch Beige
Omnipod CGM Patch Black
Omnipod CGM Patch Blue
Omnipod CGM Patch Green
Omnipod CGM Patch Purple
Omnipod CGM Patch Cover

    CGM Patches for Dexcom G6 | 25 Pack


      Glucology™ CGM patches are a lightweight solution to help protect and extend the life of your sensor. The Cotton and Spandex blend provides a unique elastic quality to ensure flexibility, durability, and maximal comfort. Our CGM patches are waterproof and sweat-resistant, meaning you can feel supported while enjoying your daily activities. Available in a variety of colors and models, find the CGM patch that is perfect for you. 

      Glucology ™ CGM Patches are available in three different colors; Black, Beige, and Blue.

      The following models are available: Dexcom G4, G5, G6, Freestyle Libre, Medtronic Guardian, Enlite. Please select your model from the 'Model' drop-down menu above.




      Premium blend of Cotton and Spandex provides both flexibility and durability, perfect for those who love to travel and exercise.


      Simply remove the backing paper to expose the sticky adhesive and apply!


      Our patches provide an irritation-free experience and are designed to move with you.


      Prolong the life of your sensor against wind, rain and dust with our long-lasting adhesive backing and water-resistant design! The patches last for up to 7 days.


      Safe for all ages and made specifically for those with sensitive skin. This product contains no latex.


      Still have a question? Follow the link here to access our CGM Patch FAQ.

      1. Prepare the skin by ensuring skin is dry.
      2. Tear backing paper to expose the adhesive
      3. Peel off the backing paper.
      4. Place the patch on top of the sensor and press down.

      Avoid applying the Glucology patch on skin areas with any kinds of irritation, cuts, scrapes or burns. 


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews Write a review


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 58 reviews
      Kelly Regan (Sydney, AU)
      CGM Patches for Medtronic Guardian

      Patches are wonderful, thankyou.

      Jenny Bogg (Melbourne, AU)

      Great service and really good patches

      Cattersfan (Brisbane, AU)
      I wanted to love them...

      The colours are funky and the idea is sound, but sadly these patches aren't waterproof for long. They didn't come off, they just got a bit untidy & daggy around the edges and I found myself having to trim them off with scissors, resulting in weird shaped patches that drew even more attention than the sensor! Probably the only Glucology product I haven't been 100% happy with.

      Colleen Regtien (Brisbane, AU)
      Overpatch not great for me

      The overpatch was well sized and the beige was very close to my skin colour, but when I removed it, I was left with a rash. Not the patches fault, I just reacted to the glue, so unfortunately they're not for me.

      Carol Salemi (Ottawa, CA)
      CGM Patches for Medtronic 770G

      I wear the Medtronic 770G Pump and Sensor. These patches are the best for keeping the sensor secured. They are also very comfortable to the skin and are flexible with movement. Love these patches!

      G.G (Sydney, AU)
      Durable & non-irritating

      I was able to leave mine on for a full Dexcom cycle without any peeling or movement from the patches. With sensitive skin, i found no irritation after removing the patch or whilst wearing.
      In real life they are a darker purple shade than appears on the website picture :)

      Timtam2 (Wollongong, AU)
      Sorry you missed the mark.

      Surf..not durable!
      Special purchase for surf..followed every direction. New to T1D so very concise of taking care. Product Fail. Asked on FB groups for help..transmitter even had water between it and the Sensor.
      May I suggest you market a whole arm band..a product to wrap around the arm.
      Went to surf today..wore a Physio Strap..dexcom didn't move. I'm sure you'll get there but, I think I wasted my money.

      Customer (Ribe, DK)
      Fik kun 1 i stedet for de 2 jeg bestilte

      Jeg er rigtig godt tilfreds med produktet, men fik desværre kun 1 bælte, men havde købt og betalt for 2

      margaret beer (Melbourne, AU)
      cgm patches. best ever.

      Found cgm patches great for my husband as he sometimes caught the cgm on his shirt and displaced the cgm resulting in having to get a new one.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us Margaret. It means so much when our customers share their experiences.

      I’m glad we were able to meet your expectations!


      Suzie Byatt (Melbourne, AU)
      Dexcom G6 patches

      These patches are excellent and I feel very lucky to have found Glucology! The adhesive quality is amazing, I love the purple colour, they are reasonably priced and I received them very quickly. I will definitely order more in the future, thank you!

      Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us Suzie. It means so much when our customers share their experiences.

      I’m glad we were able to meet your expectations!