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Finding your people: T1D mom edition

by IBD Medical on November 12, 2022
Feeling connected to the right communities can help to significantly reduce anyone’s emotional load. More importantly, you’re able to share the experience and have faith that everything will be ok in the end.

You, our Glucology Community, have helped us to foster an open and supportive global community and we hope that it has been able to play a positive part in your journey. We’ll now invite you to have a listen to a friendship story where each T1D mum has found the support that they need to be strong for their T1D kids!

Featuring Speakers:
  1. Nicky (@type1twinsmum) - mother to type 1 twin boys, Miles & Ellis
  2. Lindsey (@miss_t1d) - mother to T1D daughter, Ava
  3. Heather (@hkjacks84) - mother to T1D son, Joe
  4. Keeley (@lifewithdiabetes_laylasjourney) - mother to T1D daughter, Layla
  5. Becca (@avas_type1djourney_x) - mother to T1D daughter, Ava
Diabetes Mum
A quote from Keeley, mother to Layla (T1D):

For me personally as a type 1 Mum connecting with others got me through the hard days. I've made some amazing friendships and met up with people from all over the country. 


T1D kids

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