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Coloured lancets

I'm so happy to have found these coloured lancets. Chemists and other websites only have the navy blue ones. I find the navy blue colour hard to find when I'm trying to put the little round end back on the needle before discarding in a sharps container. These lighter coloured ones are easier to see. I'm just hoping they'll eventually have the yellow ones.

CGM Patches for Medtronic Guardian

Patches are wonderful, thankyou.

Glucology Diabetes Travel Case | Plus
Aubrey DeWert (Painted Post, US)

Glucology Diabetes Travel Case | Plus

Glucology Travel Essentials
Kymme Forse (Gracemere, AU)
Glucology Travel case plus

Can not speak more highly about this product or any other products I have purchased from IBD Medical tops in my books.

Fast Acting Glucochews | Mixed Bundle

Great flavours and easy to use when treating a hypo

Lancing Device | 9 depth setting
Michael Partridge (Sunshine Coast, AU)

Sorry not used yet.

Diabetes Pump Monitor Belt | Beige
R Chamberlain (Richmond, US)


Insulin Cooling Pouch | Large | 2 Pen Pouch
Cherelyn Seekamp (Adelaide, AU)
Large insulin cooling pouch

Great product and easy to use. Take it with you what ever you are doing. Great to deal with and great service.

Very happy

Fast delivery. Highly recommend.

Not great

These taste horrible and dusty, they’re convenient and would work in an emergency but I’d much rather carry around (and taste) a juice box instead.

Glucology Diabetes Travel Case | Plus
Janet T Smith (Palm Harbor, US)

Surprised I could get everything into it. GREAT

Glucology Diabetes Travel Case | Plus
June Mainella (Boston, US)
Travel case

I previously reported that the case wouldn't come before my trip and I was disappointed. By some miracle the case was delivered 12 hours before I had to leave. I believe it will work out very well. Certainly extra large size was the right choice.

Glucology Diacare Copper Based Classic Socks | 3 Pairs
Michael Partridge (Sunshine Coast, AU)

Hi I like your socks because they are kind to my shins ( lower leg injury ) but they don’t look good for long the toe section turn black quickly making them look as is they are very old / worn out but they are not.
I am not an easy user walking at least 15 km each day.
I have been looking for an alternative but what is on the market is not as good as the manufacturers claim

Glucology Diacare Copper Based Classic Socks | 3 Pairs

Insulin Cooling Pouch | Large | 2 Pen Pouch
Donna Newland (Columbus, US)

I️ have not received my order

Alcohol free wipes

These wipes are really useful. The small pack fits in nicely with my test kit.

CGM Patches for Freestyle Libre | 25 Pack
Jenny Bogg (Melbourne, AU)

Great service and really good patches

Glucology Diabetes Travel Case | Plus
Chelsea W (Shepparton, AU)
Diabetes travel case

My daughter is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and this case is a life saver! We take it everywhere we go and it fits everything we need in it which is amazing! It is lightweight and the hard case is great! 100% recommend

Insulin cooling pouch

It appears to be great but, I haven’t used it as yet. Bought for when travelling

I wanted to love them...

The colours are funky and the idea is sound, but sadly these patches aren't waterproof for long. They didn't come off, they just got a bit untidy & daggy around the edges and I found myself having to trim them off with scissors, resulting in weird shaped patches that drew even more attention than the sensor! Probably the only Glucology product I haven't been 100% happy with.

Amazingly Convenient and Uncomplicated!

I bought the 2-pocket chill kit last week and it arrived in time to take on a 5-hr road trip in NQ. It stayed cool and the gel was moist for the entire trip. It was great having the reassurance that my doses were maintained at a cool temperature the entire drive. I can 100% recommend the cool gel pouch!

What is this Voodoo magic?

These little things are amazing! I very recently experienced a 4.7 reading while driving a long (5hr) distance and reached for the tube of Glucochews (the jelly beans weren't within reach!) It took just 2 chews about 7 minutes and I was back up at 5.6. They belie their appearance. They look pretty dry & unimpressive, but they zing with flavour and are easy to chew. I'll be buying myself some more!

Glucology Weekender Bundle
Wendy Hughes (Brisbane, AU)
Disappointed-poor quality considering cost!

Nylon zipper broken when I opebed the case. Customer service offered refund if I return at my expence. Case was not aligned properly making closure difficult

CGM Patches for Dexcom G4/ G5 | 25 Pack
Colleen Regtien (Brisbane, AU)
Overpatch not great for me

The overpatch was well sized and the beige was very close to my skin colour, but when I removed it, I was left with a rash. Not the patches fault, I just reacted to the glue, so unfortunately they're not for me.

Very Dry Face Cream
John Batchler (Hobart, AU)

Very Dry Face Cream