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What do you keep by your bedside table for a diabetes emergency?

by IBD Medical on December 09, 2022

Diabetes night time routine

We’re no stranger to the late night sudden wake up’s when it comes to living with diabetes. They night disruptions are so much fun, right?

See what our community like to have by their bed in case of an emergency. We hope the shares are both helpful and provide some light laughter to you!


What do you have by your bedside table to prepare you for your diabetes night emergency?

  • Rose P: A light so I can get to the kitchen table and check my BGL before eating anything. I have learnt not to assume because of how I feel 
  • Francie B: A bottle of syrup, loaded with sugar, no chewing required, and easy to get 15 carbs in ya quick!
  • Karen M: Glucology case with all the necessary items & jellybeans
  • Rebecca C: I sneakily stumble and bang my way to the kitchen instead 😂
  • Andi B: Glucochews of course!!!! And a jar of other lollies and a few juice boxes.
  • Kim W: Good ole jelly beans always in the drawer, and a bottle of Lucozade is always beside the bed

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