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Choosing Seasonal Fruits and Veg | Diabetes 101

by IBD Medical on May 22, 2024

Fruits and veggies are essential for boosting your nutrient and fiber intake, helping to maintain stable glucose levels. Opt for seasonal produce for the freshest flavors, local support, and extra nourishment.

Incorporation Tips:

  • Spring: Add chopped herbs and veggies to grain salads Enjoy raw veggies with hummus or pesto Top porridge or yogurt with low-GI strawberries
  • Summer: Use fresh tomatoes for salsa or sauté in pasta Make salads with greens or add them to stir-fries Enjoy juicy melons on their own or in a mint salad
  • Autumn: Turn dark berries into chia jam or muffins Roast cauliflower as a side or add carrots to stews
  • Winter: Roast squash and beets for sweetness or blend into soups Make low-carb celeriac chips Enjoy apples with peanut butter or in an oat-almond crumble


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