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Should we change the name of Type 1 Diabetes?

by IBD Medical on February 29, 2024
In this engaging podcast series, hosted by the insightful Andi Balog, we delve into a question that sparks curiosity and introspection: Should we reconsider the name of T1D? Join Andi as she navigates through this thought-provoking exploration, unraveling the layers of significance, implications, and potential impact associated with the name of Type 1 Diabetes. With a keen eye for nuance and a passion for open dialogue, Andi invites you to join the conversation, challenging perceptions and pondering the possibility of a name change. Let's embark on this intellectual journey together, where each episode promises to be a rich tapestry of perspectives, considerations, and meaningful insights."

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Should we change the name of Type 1 Diabetes? | Glucology Diabetes Products